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Sexual tension picspam and fic
covert affairs annie/auggie
gorengal wrote in annie_auggie
Hi...I'm new here and really missing Auggie and Annie already! One of our assignments for the tvrealm landcomm was a picspam and/or fic with the theme of sexual tension. What better subject than Auggie and Annie! I hope you enjoy the following...

Annie/Auggie sexual tension picspam...please click for larger version.

Title: Sometimes the Blind Can See
Author:  gorengal
Pairing/Characters: Annie Walker/Auggie Anderson
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Auggie couldn't see, but it didn't take a sighted man to know Annie was attractive.
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Covert Affairs does not belong to me.
Author's note: Written as an exercise in sexual tension for kissing or sex allowed.

Although Auggie Anderson was blind, he knew Annie Walker was beautiful. Yeah, she was definitely beautiful on the inside…kind and funny and whip-smart…but she also was gorgeous on the outside. How did Auggie know this?

When Auggie was speaking with another male agent at the CIA and Annie walked by, the other agent would turn his head and watch. Auggie knew this because the agent’s voice would suddenly come from a different direction. And if Annie joined their conversation, Auggie noticed the other man’s voice would deepen and sound vaguely flirty.

Auggie also spent a lot of time with Annie. She was a toucher…she adjusted his collar, nudged him with her elbow, straightened his sleeves. She often took his arm on walks, and he let her even though he didn’t need the help. When speaking Annie sometimes leaned into Auggie, whispered in his ear. He knew her hair was shoulder length as it would brush his cheek or shoulder. She smelled lightly floral on days she was in the office instead of in the field. Her breath sometimes smelled of coffee or a Hershey’s Kiss or Tic Tacs.

One of Annie’s shortcomings was her fighting skills. In short, she was terrible. Auggie volunteered to train with her, teach her what he learned from his days as a military special ops officer. He knew he sounded like a teenage boy in heat, but Auggie enjoyed grappling with Annie. He honestly wanted to teach her and improve her fighting, but taking Annie down was…well, it was hot. For instance, last night’s session…

“Come on, Annie, concentrate.”

“I’m trying,” she growled. Sweat dripped down her neck and her ponytail was askew. Annie rushed at Auggie and he easily took her down to the mat.

“Damn it!” she shouted.

Auggie laughed. “Oh, Annie Walker, you are adorable when you curse.” He was on top of her, but he supported most of his weight with his hands on either side of her.

“Yeah, well…I only seem to curse when you’re involved,” Annie grumbled. She was tired and out of breath.

Auggie’s unseeing gaze was somewhere to the right of Annie’s face. He could feel her breath, short and labored, as it hit his neck. Auggie’s hips were pressed to Annie’s and as he adjusted his weight he rubbed against her gently. He heard Annie’s sharp intake of breath and felt her arch against him so slightly it might have been his imagination. As often as Auggie wished he could see again, it was never as strong as it was right now. Was she uncomfortable? Upset? Afraid? Maybe he should just….

And then one of Annie’s fingers touched his cheek. Lightly…just one, soft stroke. Auggie closed his eyes and turned his face until his nose rubbed against her hand. He felt Annie’s breath quicken and he knew he would soon feel a familiar stirring down below. He pushed against her once more and rolled off, lying beside Annie. He heard the disappointment in her sigh. It was the same disappointment he felt.

His fingers were splayed on the mat next to her. He inched his fingers closer to her until he felt contact with Annie’s body. She moved her hand into his and squeezed. Auggie returned the gesture and they stayed that way for a while, wishing and wondering.

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I really loved how you described Auggie's use of his senses to track Annie both directly and indirectly. And the last bit was a really subtle touch of sexual tension, not too aggressive but just right for them. Nicely done!

*laments* If only I had a Favorite button on here like they do on the FF.Net archives. . . . Maybe it's time to add those Fic Rec tags I was thinking about adding to my LJ . . .

Thanks so much for the kind words!

Mmm, very nice - thanks for sharing the images, too.

You're welcome...and thank you for the nice comment.

well done :)
i can totally picture that last scene with them lying side by side, and wondering what just happened, or what could have happened !
thank you for sharing

Aw, thanks! I really appreciate it.

Awesome picspam and I really enjoyed reading the fic. I could definitely feel the sexual tension!

Great! I don't normally write sex scenes of any kind, so I wasn't sure if I could create that mood. Thanks. :D

I am feeling silly today so I read She often took his arm on walks as meaning Annie took Auggie's arm off and then walked with it XDD

But seriously, this was adorable ^_^ Great fic, can't wait to read more from you!

"I am feeling silly today so I read She often took his arm on walks as meaning Annie took Auggie's arm off and then walked with it XDD"

LMAO that was funny ;)

I know, right? Now I can't read it any other way! :D

Oh, I can't read that sentence any other way!!!! ROFL *must resist urge to edit*

Thanks so much for your kind words...this was my first attempt at writing Covert Affairs.

Oh nooo! I'm so sorry XD I couldn't resist sharing my silliness, though.

Keep at it! I need more Annie/Auggie to read!!! :P

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